Hope For The Holidays

We’re moving into the Christmas and New Year Holiday seasons filled with parties, shopping, gifts and togetherness. Mental health professionals tell us that the Holiday season can be, for a variety of reasons, difficult for many people. So, here’s an offering of hope for the holiday season.

Some time back, I had been meditating on chapter 11 of the book of Hebrews. Theologians and pastors call this chapter God’s Hall of Fame or God’s Hall of Faith. We admire and celebrate the faith of the people listed in Hebrews chapter 11, and we sometimes secretly think we could never be like them. Of course, these folks aren’t listed for their personal talents, their individual contributions, their heroic achievements, although these are all true. They are listed because of their faith in God. I’m just silly enough to believe that, in Heaven, Hebrews chapter 11 is still being recorded, and I can’t wait to see all of your names recorded in that listing, and to someday sit down, and hear you tell of all the things that God accomplished because of your faith.

As I was walking, recounting Hebrews chapter 11, the first part, the “a” part of the first verse of Hebrews chapter 12 almost knocked me down. “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses….” Can you imagine that the prophets, the apostles, those people of faith, surround us, watch us to witness what God is doing in our lives, because of our faith? We’ve all had someone, or maybe several some ones, of faith who cared about us, prayed for us, read us Bible stories, and told us about Jesus. Please click on the link to listen to “They’re Cheering for You” I hope it provides a boost of hope for your busy Holiday season.


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